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Trends in Android App Development

Whether you are a business owner looking forward to building a mobile app or you are a developer who specializes in building android apps, you need all the insight as well as key trends in the industry. The following are some industry trends you need to look out for.

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

This new trend allows apps and machines to automatically learn as they improve the experience without being programmed to do so explicitly. Apps that usually predict what customers would like to buy use Artificial Intelligence to learn customer behavior before predicting.

Navigation Component

Navigation components allow your app user to move around with ease while using your app. For Android developers to implement navigation, Android jet packs come with components specifically for that purpose. This navigation component has three main parts namely, navigation graph, NavHost, and NavController.

Google Assistant / Chatbots

Business owners are of recently been interested in the integration of google assistants and those of chatbots in their apps. Google Assistant provides a better faster way to access your app directly from the assistant itself. Google's assistant can be linked directly with a specific action within your app.

Kotlin Multi platform

With the use of Kotlin developers are provided with an amazing opportunity as well as features like the multi platform which is not available in a flutter. Developers can share codes among themselves in Kotlin and it supports other technologies, not just android. This trend accelerates the development life cycle and saves a lot of time.


Internet of things is another trend taking shape in android development, though in android it's being nicknamed Android Things. This tends to allow developers to build their applications on top of a popular hardware platform such as Raspberry Pi. Learn more about iOS app development brisbane come visit our site.

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